Smokeless Fuels

*HETAS approved for use on enclosed appliances


Excel* £20.50

Smokeless briquette. Low in sulphur.  For use on room heaters and cookers. Distinguished by its square appearance. Also suitable for open fires.


New Heat* £21.00

Smokeless ovoid. Low in sulphur. For use in room heaters and cookers. Also suitable for open fires.

DUAL £18.50 (per 50kg bag)

HETAS Approved


Home Fire Ovals* £25.50

Multi purpose clean-burning smokeless ovoid for use on open fires, room heaters and cookers. Distinguished by two parallel lines across the middle.
High overall radiant heat output with long refuelling intervals due to slow burning rate.


Anthracite (Stove Nuts)* £20.00

Naturally occurring smokeless fuel distinguished from house coal by its slightly more shiny metallic surface. It is a dense, slow burning fuel giving a sustained high heat output. Suitable for stoves, room heaters and cookers including AGA’s.


Grains* £19.00

Used on Gravity fed boilers.


Heat £17.50

An economy non-smokeless ovoid, ideal for open fires. A non approved fuel so cannot be burnt in smoke controlled areas


Red £16.50

A non approved fuel, can be used in multi fuel stoves and room heaters, but cannot be burned in smoke controlled areas.

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